The architects of your professional future

Our core belief is that the right job can transform a person's life and the right person can change the course of business.

Looking backwards. Moving forward.
Moving forward is impossible without the initial drive to do things differently. Our business is all about the people we come across, whether it's in our everyday interactions or in our vision for the brand.

It’s pretty simple, really. HRS Romania is the hub that gathers architects of professional improvement. Whether it’s an individual or a business of any size, we house all HR can offer under one roof.

A team of 50, we are now one of the fastest growing Bulgarian recruitment companies near you. It’s safe to say we know our way around HR and we’ve got some names to back us up so as to prove that we do our job better than most & always look for more innovative ways to do it.

We’re exactly what you see. Only now - bigger. And the best part is that we bring new opportunities wherever we go.
Mutual Growth
It’s all about giving more and handling the process from beginning to end. There is no two-way strategy, but rather a one way street to success. Kudos from you is how we measure ourselves and the quality of our work.
Our job is to connect - our customers, our candidates, our colleagues and our communities. Every connection is a new opportunity and all involved are in for an adventure towards a better job, a better team and overall - a better life.
Attention and commitment are not an occurrence. We give our all to see your professional life improve. Engage, act and succeed - words we go by in our job and our lives.
Why Us
For Job Seekers
Filter the most relevant offers yourself, or use our professional guidance through the countless opportunities we list every day
  • Wide-network of clients
  • Personalized approach
  • Interview preparation
  • Labor market orientation
  • CV consultation and improvement

For Employers
Our key objective is help you find the best match for your dream team - from CEOs to grads, the richest talent pool on the market is your field
  • Far-reaching knowledge of the human capital industry
  • Extensive network of partners
  • Taylor-made solutions and personalized service
  • Vacancy trial period satisfaction guaranteed
  • Flexibility and understanding

Relationships built on trust