Success story: QA engineer

Success story of a QA engineer
Q: What were your thoughts when the COVID-19 started to have an impact on the labor market?
A: Well, I must tell you that I was a bit worried, and it's something normal to think about job stability, salary. From my experience during these two months it was somehow easy to handle the stress and workload as I had the benefit to work from home and the activity and daily tasks didn't suffer any changes. I was not actively seeking for a new job when I was contacted by the HRS Consultant, and I was forecasting a possible evolution in my career somewhere around next year due to the current situation we are all facing. I also heard news about companies facing hard times and struggles with cutting cost and struggling with customer retention.

Q: What was your reaction when you were contacted by one of our HRS Consultants?
A: When I had first received the message on LinkedIn I was very happy to be approached, especially after learning about the company and profile they were looking for and felt an enthusiasm that there was still hope and that situation as I was seeing it until that moment, was not that negative in terms of the labor market’s condition.

Q:  What are your impressions on the recruitment and selection process you were a part of?
A: Well, I must recognize that I was shocked to meet great people with such enthusiasm and positive attitude especially during the COVID-19 period, when everything seems lost and uncertain. When I had the first conversation with the HR Consultant over the phone I felt a lot of good energy, openness, and friendly approach all along with detailed information on the activity, skills, experience needed and information about the final employer. The first interview we had was the best one I have experienced until now and it made me think "Oh, wow, there are still amazing people out there willing to reach out and help you find something better". I even told my husband how surprised I was to feel such connection and good vibes in such hard times, and laughed about the fact that both of us had kind of cold, formal interviews when things were normal long before the pandemic. Also, the interview with the hiring manager was really nice, I was very surprised of the direct and honest conversation we had. I have experienced interviews where I was put in awkward situations, or felt uncomfortable with the selector's approach, but this time was certainly not the case. Everything went smooth and fast, and got the employment offer in no time. In one word, amazing. I can't wait to start the activity and see what challenges are awaiting me.