Success story: Customer Support

success story of a customer support

Q: What were your thoughts when the COVID-19 started to have an impact on the labor market?
A: I was contacted by Patrick at the end of March. I have just resigned from my previous job and I heard about the quarantine and the way this will affect the country, so I did not have any kind of expectations to be employed in this situation.
Also, I‘ve never had the experience to be called by someone who was hiring, I always searched for the job, never the other way around.

Q: What was your reaction when you were contacted by one of our HRS Consultants?
A: I was sitting at home and Patrick called me and introduced himself and his company. I got to say that I am an extremely suspicious person, so the first thing I did was to find the company and details about it (I was afraid it might be a scam or such, sorry…). I had my first interview with him and it went very, very smooth. We talked very colloquial and I was not nervous at all, not even a little bit (which is somehow unlikely for me, I am always nervous).

Q:  What are your impressions on the recruitment and selection process you were a part of?
A: We talked about what I used to do at my former job, that I worked at Untold and Neversea, (info that I forgot to put in my CV) and he told me I was the perfect candidate for the job he had in mind.  Only then I became a bit nervous, I had a feeling that I would not get the job and when he told me that I will have 2 other interviews, one with Roxana from Wellcode and one with Petru (the founder) , that was the time when I panicked. Even so, Patrick assured me that if I behave in the other two interviews as I behaved with him, everything will be fine.

And it seems that it was fine, and now I’ve been working at Wellcode for almost two months, learning how to communicate more efficiently with people and how to work in a team.

Go, Patrick!